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Car Exhausts

Experience and Precision You Can Trust

Since 1998, Oakhill Garage’s workshops have stood tall as approved Exhaust Centres. Our dedicated team is not only trained but is equipped with state-of-the-art tools to ensure your vehicle’s exhaust system functions at its optimum level.

Understanding Your Exhaust System & Staying Law Compliant

The exhaust system is pivotal to a car’s overall health and performance. Key aspects to consider:

  • The Silencer’s Vulnerability: Often, the silencer demands attention before other parts due to its placement. Positioned furthest from the engine, it’s exposed to acidic moisture leading to corrosion. This is attributed to the relatively cooler temperature of the silencer, letting exhaust gases condense and form corrosive acid pools within.
  • Tell-tale Noises: A roaring noise usually hints at silencer issues. Likewise, a hissing sound may suggest cracks in the exhaust manifold or leaks in gaskets. Chugging noises can be indicative of exhaust system blockages. Rattling under the car may suggest misalignment, while a loud metallic vibration can mean contact issues or loose components.
  • Visual Inspections: External rust might look worrisome but might be superficial. However, if you spot cracks or ragged holes, especially around seams and joins, they could herald more significant concerns.

Expert Diagnosis and Solutions

Not all exhaust noises are catastrophic, but they’re signals that shouldn’t be ignored. If your exhaust starts acting up:

  1. Visit Oakhill Garage: Let our Qualified Exhaust Specialists examine the issue, ensuring accurate diagnosis.
  2. Making Informed Decisions: If parts of the exhaust are corroded, other parts might be affected too, given their similar ages and exposure. At times, due to heat and initial stages of corrosion, exhaust parts may fuse together, complicating individual part replacements. We’ll guide you on whether a comprehensive replacement or a part-wise fix is most suitable.

For unparalleled expertise and a commitment to your vehicle’s well-being, trust Oakhill Garage. Bring your car in at the earliest sign of exhaust trouble, and let us ensure it remains in peak condition.